Perfume & Cologne Body Oil

1/3 oz. Glass Roll-ons


Assorted Fragrances

Designer Name Types

Choose all “men” or “women”

SAVE up to 60%
(reg. $14.95 each) 

5-Pack for $39.95 ($8.00 each)

10-Pack for $59.95 ($6.00 each)
PLEASE NOTE:  This Item Does Not Qualify
for Additional Discounts.

Great for holiday gifts and stocking stuffers.  Save up to 60% off our regular prices. This items does not qualify for additional discounts. 

  DETAILED DESCRIPTION:  These roll-ons are  filled with our high quality, designer type, perfume body oils that compare to popular name brand scents.  The fragrances come assorted but you can choose for “men” or “women” when ordering below.  These roll-ons are filled with perfume oils that are overstocked, discontinued,  overruns from special orders and oils we receive as samples from various different manufacturers.  You will receive all different fragrances in each pack which means there will be no duplicates in each lot.  If you purchase multiple lots,  we will try to keep the duplicates down to a bare minimum and try our best to give you as many different fragrances as possible. 


No Refunds or Exchanges on this item. 
At this low price, you understand fragrances come assorted.  There is no guarantee that the scents you receive will be ones that you personally like for yourself as you are not picking your own fragrances. 

These are a GREAT low cost gift item! 


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