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 Scenting Oils

(For use in oil warmers, reed diffusers sachets and other general home scenting purposes.  These are not for use in candles or soapmaking and are not for use on the body.  Do not put these in contact with a direct flame.

All of our fragrances are available in a scenting oil.  To order, select a fragrance and then choose “Scenting Oil” from the product menu on the fragrance order page.  

Our scenting oils are specifically made for use in electric and tea light candle oil warmers, reed diffusers and in scenting almost any type of non-body product.  You can use our scenting oil to make an air freshener for your vehicle.  You can put a few drops on a cotton ball and put in your dryer to scent your clothes.  A few drops on a ceiling fan will circulate the scent throughout a room. 

WARNING:  Our scenting oils are not to be used as candle oils as a direct flame could cause the oil to catch fire or cause excessive smoking.  Also, do not use our scenting oils on the skin as they could cause irritation.  

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